About Lika


The county consisting of two, in all various regional centers: the continental Lika - mountain and coastal Foothills - island.
The majority of Lika Senj County makes the natural basin with a range of fields slashed underground rivers, the Velebit mountain in the continental part and on the sea one part of the Pag island. Among the many natural beauties stands out one of the most beautiful and highest Croatian mountain - Velebit, with many endemic species, which in terms of climate protects against ingress cold, continental climate on the Adriatic.

Mosaic landscape with a variety of natural and cultural-historical contents result of the influence of the Mediterranean on one side, and continental Europe on the other.
According to the number of various protected natural sites and locations County has one of the leading, and by their share in total area, absolutely leading position among the Croatian counties (2,368 km2 or 58% of all national parks and nature parks in Croatia). Among them a central place with National Park "Plitvice Lakes" National Park "Paklenica" National Park "North Velebit" and Velebit "Nature Park".

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