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The main attractions are Grabovača Cave Park, Fort Frankopan / Old Town Perušić Tower and the church of the Sublime Holy Cross offering a lovely view of the  whole locality, the Lika River and Lake Krušćica , Kosin stone bridge from the 16th cent, Czar fir tree – the biggest fir tree in Europe and the biggest on Velebit, archaeological site  Pisani kamen – the first known international arbitration, archaeological site Kosinjska printing house – the first printing house in the Slavic South. Besides walking, hiking, cycling, kayak and other types of outdoor recreation, in the summer months one can bathe in the Lika River or raft on Lake Kruščica. Hunting is permitted in the nearby hunting grounds if in possession of a licence as well as fishing in the Lika River.

Perušić Tourist Board

Grabovača Cave Park Public Institute

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