Gastro offer

Enjoy a taste of Lika-Senj Region

Rare are the regions that imprison all the senses and fill one with peace and strength, as does the region of Ličko-senjska County. The scent of sea, rock, sage, olive and bura (north wind on the coast) on one side and the scent of grass, hay, forests, fresh summers and sharp winters on the other. The delicious smells of fish, salt, olive oil, rosemary and sage, Pag lamb and prosciutto ham dried in the bura wind and cheese on one side, and on the other the taste of fresh milk, basa cheese and škripavac, spit-roasted lamb or baked under the lid with golden baked potatoes, cabbage and meat, trout from Gacka, maize flour and plums, mushrooms and drinking water from the vrila (springs). The proud and sublime Velebit range stands in between connecting all these aromas and tastes, diluting and condensing them, lowering them by air currents down the trails and roads to the delight and benefit of its inhabitants, guests and chance travellers. Part of this Mediterranean and continental mosaic that is becoming more and more sought for on the market is at the disposal of visitors through its rich gastronomic offer.