Zavratnica Bay - the most exquisite pearls on the Croatian coast

Zavratnica is a 900 m long narrow inlet located at the foot of the mighty Velebit Mountains, in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, 1 km south of Jablanac. The bay is about 50-150 m wide. Because of its natural values even in 1964 was declared a protected landscape, and since 1981 is an integral part of the Nature Park Velebit. At the begining of 20th century a promenade and terrace in the center of the bay were built to prevent further deterioration. To stop the torrents coming from the mountain in the the cascades and terraces cypresses, alpine pine, fig, holm oak and other trees were planted. Zavratnica is the habitat of 129 plant species, of which 100 indigenous.

How to reach Zavratnica: You can reach Zavratnica from Jablanac, a ferry port for the island of Rab, in a 30 minutes walk down a path along the sea. If you prefer hiking or are seeking adventure, take a trail from the village of Zavratnica.


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