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  • Novalja Town Museum with a rich ethnographic collection and a permanent exhibition
  • Talijanova buža – an ancient subterranean water system built in the 1st century AD, in the Roman period, completely carved in stone, about 1 100 m in length and up to 70 cm in width, with the entrance from the museum and only the first part can be visited.
  • the Caska region where lately researches of the Roman settlement Cissa have been intensified and according to legend it was destroyed by the earthquake in the 4th century.
  • the Stomorica archaeological collection preserves  numerous objects and remains of sacred buildings from the bygone past of Novalja   
  • the Gothic Church of the Mother of God from  Ružarija in the centre of the town.

Novalja beaches

  • Zrće (Blue flag), the most beautiful and world known beach at 1.5 km from Novalja – with disco clubs and many café bars for all-day and night entertainment.
  • Planjka (Trinćel) is situated to the north of Novalja (blue flag),
  • Straško (blue flag) with a campsite bearing the same name and south of Novalja.
  • Braničevica is situated right next to Straško.
  • Caska is situated east of Novalja, in the cove bearing the same name

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