Majerovo vrilo, a source of Gacka River

There were about sixty functional mills on Gacka river and its tributaries worked during the course of the 20th century. Today, only few of them are still in use and tyey are located at the river Gacka springs. Representing the ballacne between man and nature they keep the memory of an old, extinct crafts.

Come, experience the history: you can come individually or in groups. Contact the miller Jure Majer at + 385  (0)99 831 4381

How to arrive: Gacka can be reached from motorway A1 at Exit no.10 for Otočac. On the road towards the locality of Vrhovine in the direction of Korenica and Plitvice there is a sign for turning towards Sinac, i.e the source of the Gacka River.

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